28 Mar 2014

EPI 018 RE white label presale korrektur des korrektureintrages

i am sorry for that the announced newsletter in concern of the presale for EPI 018 RE label testpressing promotional edition has still not been sent out  - owing to "technical problems" with sides EPI 018 - C & - D of the  Bohren & der club of gore - Midnight radio 3 LP RE - and some of the good old "ain't got no time ain't got no dog gamn' time". means: could you please blame "record store day" and any "major label" in the world - but not me for the  simple fact anything has been delayed for so long. blame me for faulty vinyl or misprinted labels that slipped through inspection if you want.

but - we have sure taken down all those inquiries over the months and years and will furthermore give even assorted lateadopters a chance of owning a vinyl lp with superior sound and a sure nothing posh about to set the mind straight to the vinyl. and - as usually not everybody is interested in simply vinyl promotions - there will be an officially covered version during the course of the coming months. these rather going for what business calls to be "a finished product" be it on vinyl lp or be it on compact disc format, for these. there will also be a repress of midnight radio as a 2 CD set in a couple of weeks. a set with 11 clicks right next to the head that last nearly 2 and a half hours - exactly they'd last two and a half hours if you included the time you'd need for changing the album's sides five times - so please do not worry about a late request - the only thing that counts is that you got this info through a newsletter request off this block by a certain time (please do see below threat ).

to condense a longer story into one longer sentence:
presale will start from the end of this weekend on - means from this comung monday on. all those who have written in for this record over the last 18 years shalll not be forgotten but be invited in this special sale by others - which is just limited by our supply chain. as for at least i will not hope that they are not any people who can't get it in the period this announcement lasts - but you know i shall not be held responsible for any money you could not spend on this drug for the zeros. Please do not ask for any numbers on your records like 001 or 666 because they are just nonexistent or - belong to my own company 'physical record, vinyl 12" archive section if they are.

"everything is subject to it's availability. ...ask life." bonmot by steven j. walter

speaking of availability which is a common necessitity in most economic concepts  - should you be looking for lp records by Berurier noir rather or Dystopia as well resp. rather than the Bohren ones or else - please step into my vitueller der tante epistrophy laden round just a bit after the first of april. it is just a few clicks away from here hosted by epistrophy.de - and before easter week there is the Ripcord discography #1 LP made available again with a different frontcover that owes more to defiance then to damage in this edition

eure tante epistrophy