13 May 2009

Anfang Mai 2009

am 15. Mai werden Franz Wittich beim "Punkrockdinner" im BeiChezHeinz spielen - zusammen mit Maschinenfest

ein freundlicher neuer blog namens looking for kohl wird von einer dame aus hannover gemacht, die sich selbst keck als "haselore kohl" bezeichnet aber leider bislang nur über so eine blöde myspace musikseite kontaktiert werden kann

neue platten haben wir auch hier, zwar nicht zu viele aber einige sind es doch....

All prices are in EURO excluding shipping (EUR 5.00) within germany and including 19% german VAT

LP records

ABADDON Godzina Krzywd LP EUR 9,50 Nikt Nic Nie Wie

AGUIRRE Calvaire LP EUR 10,00 Alerta Antifascista as name and title suggest it is a french band i have never heard of before

ANTI-PLAYAX Valencia Marca Registrada LP EUR 10,00 Trabuc

AUKTION D-Beat R'N'R Maythem LP EUR 10,00 Assel www.myspace.com/auktion

BLANK STARE same LP EUR 9,00 Refuse 9 songs

BOHREN & DER CLUB OF GORE Dolores 2 LP LP EUR 19,50 PIAS best album since sunset mission

DERROTA Asko Infinito LP EUR 10,00 Trabuc fat lyric booklet

DISCARGA Musica Pra Guerra LP EUR 10,00 Refuse

DISFEAR Misanthropic Generation LP EUR 11,00 La Familia Repress of their album on Relapse

DISFEAR Live the storm LP EUR 12,50 Disfear Repress on the band's own label

DRILLER KILLER Brutalize LP EUR 9,50 Assel http://www.myspace.com/drillerkillerpunk

DRILLER KILLER Total Fucking Hate LP EUR 9,50 Assel http://www.myspace.com/drillerkillerpunk

DUNKLE TAGE Discographie LP EUR 9,50 Assel

EXTREME NOISE TERROR Law Of Retaliation LP EUR 10,00 Power It Up current album by legendary ipswich thrashers

GEWAPEND BETON Empty Batteries 12” LP EUR 8,50 unsociable/hate (www.myspace.com/embryopunx)

HIS HERO IS GONE The Plot Sickens LP EUR 11,50 hhig

INFEKCJA Przegani LP EUR 9,00 Trujaca Fala

INSOMNIO Happy Loneliness LP EUR 10,00 Trabuc

INSTINCT OF SURVIVAL North Of Nowhere LP EUR 10,00 Bolzkow mean crust from hamburg

KAAOS Ismit LP EUR 10,00 Assel white vinyl & gatefold cover

KYLESA StaticTensions LP EUR 10,00 unsociable/hate german Pressing that connects better vinyl with cheaper price than US pressing. This is actually the first kylesa lp i could stand for more than 3 minutes

LIMPWRIST Same /LVEUM28 LP EUR 11,50 LaVidaEsUnMus incluye "want us dead" e.p. it says on the cover

MOB 47 Second EP 7" EUR 4,50 Communichaos Media i thought this was shit but i was wrong. This is really good

MORNE / WARPRAYER Split LP EUR 9,50 Alerta Antifascista MORNE play dark doom, WARPRAYER features former Gurkha Singer and former RIPCORD bassplayer on guitar as well as two other guys i have never met in my life. They will packebusch this year so i hope to get to see them there

ORGANISM Same LP EUR 10,00 Hardware this is an lp by a jaoanese band that has an obi with explanations in japanese probably for the german market. Real posh...

POST REGIMENT Same LP EUR 10,00 NNWN für unkundige ggf. als "die polnischen LA FRACTION" erklärbar. 19 tracks of polish hardcore punk

PUNKS NOT DREAD Compilation LP EUR 9,50 Assel repress by Assel, tracks: CHAOS U.K. - for Adolfs only , bone idol , brain bomb, RAW NOISE - defiant pose , G.L.C., RED FLAG 77 - no one, EXTREME NOISE TERROR - borstal breakout , johnny won't get to heaven, FILTHKICK ( LEGLESS ) - naive , sonic reducer, RED FLAG 77 - sad so sad, POISON IDEA - new rose

RANDY UCHIDA GROUP Deathly Fighter Anthology LP EUR 13,50 GAS limited to 333 copies in white vinyl, contains the 7" and live tracks. This is horrible harspray metal for people who are into GISM

SKITKIDS Besöket vid Krubban LP EUR 10,00 unsociable/hate raw brutal hardcore punk assault from sweden spiced up with rocking and rolling guitar leads and politically aware lyrics

TIN CAN ARMY Discographie LP EUR 9,50 Assel

VORKRIEGSPHASE Same LP EUR 9,50 Assel repress by Assel Records

W.W.K. Bestie Mensch LP EUR 10,00 SM-Musik Wiederveröffentlichung im Klappcover, incl. Terroristen / reissue of the mid nineties german punk classic

WOLFBRIGADE Comalive LP EUR 10,50 Farewell available again in the first week of february

7” records

AUKTION / BLACK PANDA Split 7" EUR 4,50 Trabuc

BOMBENALARM / DEAN DIRG Split 7" EUR 4,50 unsociable/hate (www.bombenalarm.de.tt) (www.myspace.com/deandirg)

FUCKED UP Dangerous Fumes/Fixed Race 7" EUR 4,50 unsociable/hate european version (www.jadetree.com/bands/artist/fucked_up)

FUCKED UP Police 7" EUR 5,50 deranged 2 songs

GO! Your Power Means Nothing 7" EUR 4,50 Refuse Reissue of classic EP on white vinyl

LOST BOYS Same 7" EUR 4,50 Trabuc

NIGHTMARE Refugee Of Logical Society 7" EUR 3,50 unsociable/hate japanese power-hardcore

NOVEMBER 13TH / GRUBE UND PENDEL Split 7" EUR 4,00 DPG das beste stück von November - Kaputt und ein weiteres sowie eines von grube und pendel (leute von fake empire und cave canem)

PIAZZA DROPOUT Same 7" EUR 3,50 DPG disorder meets american hardcore

PRESS GANG Sex Satan 7" EUR 4,00 Hardware 5 song EP

CD records

ATKA / SHIMETSU Split CD EUR 8,00 Ecocentric

BLACK SHAPE OF NEXUS Microbarome Meetings CD EUR 9,00 Ecocentric

BLIND LEGION the lost tapes CD EUR 12,00 Blood&Iron the NYC metal Band that partially later became doom band LOST BREED. Think NWOBHM

DAWNRIDER Alpha Chapter CD EUR 11,50 Raging Planet

LIFE BEYOND Ancient Worlds CD EUR 12,00 Blood&Iron Expanded Edition, includes 5 studio & 5 live songs - maryland doom. Heavy stuff from sadly defunct east coast doom outfit. Limited to 500 copies this is a reissue of the rare "Ancient Worlds" e.p. plus 5 live tracks and 1 track previously available on a comp. Count this up there with the best of them and anyone into Internal Void, Iron Man, Revelation, Penance, Cathedral, Obsessed, Vitus, Pentagram

TROUBLE Dallas, Texas, Alive! CD EUR 11,50 White Stallion Records

WOLFBRIGADE Comalive CD EUR 11,00 Farewell neues studio album

Cassette releases

FUCKED UP fucked up tape MC EUR 3,50 Trujaca Fala