20 Aug 2010

new records / external menace

tante epistrophy arbeitet am rerelease des SORE THROAT albums "never mind the napalm" - mal schauen, wann es das licht am ende des tunnels erblickt...

hier sind die neuen platten

AGRIMONIA Host Of the Winged 2LP DL EUR 14,00 Skuld
great looking gatefold cover

AMEBIX Redux LP EUR 11,00 Profane Existence
rerecordings of winter, arise and chain reaction

AUDIO KOLLAPS Panzer LP EUR 11,00 Epistrophy

CLONE Compilation - play slow die fast LP EUR 14,00 Blind Date
Monarch, Atavist and I forgot the rest - fat cover!

CRESS The Greed Machine and the Money Tree 2 LP LP EUR 14,50 Skuld Collection with all their stuff - 2010 Repress

DEZERTER Underground Out Of Poland LP EUR 11,00 NictNicNieWie

DOOM Fuck Peaceville LP EUR 14,50 Twisted Chords
remastered Rerelease

DOOM Rush Houir Of The Gods LP EUR 11,50 Flat Earth
remastered rerelease

DRESDEN Final Hour LP EUR 11,00 Profane Existence

EXTREME NOISE TERROR Phonophobia LP EUR 11,00 farewell
Reissue mit Bonus Tracks

5 songs of early italian thrashmetal

MARTYRDÖD In Extremis LP EUR 11,00 Havoc
swedish black metal, haha...

NECRODEATH Into The Macabre LP EUR 12,50 FOAD

OI POLLOI In defence of our mother earth LP EUR 11,00 NNWN
undoubtedly their very best LP with Naziscum, Anarcho Pie & free the Henge. If you only want to own one album by Oi Polloi - this is it! Few copies here

POST REGIMENT Czarzly LP EUR 11,00 NictNicNieWie
rerelease on NNNW

RANDY UCHIDA GROUP Deathly Fighter Anthology LP EUR 14,00 GAS
limited to 333 copies in white vinyl, contains the 7" and live tracks. This is horrible harspray metal for people who are into GISM

RATOS DE PORAO Descanse Em Paz LP EUR 12,50 FOAD
reissue in Gatefold Cover plus Bonus Tracks - 21 songs in total

RESISTANT CULTURE Welcome To Reality LP EUR 11,00 Profane Existence
RESTARTS Actively Seeking Work (colo. Vinyl) LP EUR 11,00 Plastic Bomb
includes all the songs from 7", demo & split LP. limited coloured vinyl edition

WILLFULL NEGLECT Both 12"s on One LP LP EUR 10,00 Höhnie
like the title says

WILLFULL NEGLECT Both 12"s on One LP / Green Vinyl LP EUR 12,00 Höhnie
like the title says - green Vinyl

ACCION MUTANTE Same/Fear 7" EUR 4,00 Skuld
Doom-maessiger Pruegel / near legendary german crust: Fast Thrash, with simple riffs and metalinfluenced double bass drum style. the song structure is similar to that of say "Destroy!"

AUDIO KOLLAPS / DESOLATION Split (clear wax) 7" EUR 4,50 Pisstrophy Desolation feat. Will Kinser from Born / Dead

DIRT Scent Of The Kill 7" EUR 4,00 Skuld

FINAL CONFLICT In the Family 7" EUR 4,00 Havoc
rerelease of reflex minneapolis hardcore classic - produced by bob mould

5 BRACCIO Blackout a Torino CD EUR 11,50 EU '91
20 Tracks from various old demos

IMPACT Discography 80-87 CD EUR 11,50 EU '91
30 tracks from the album, PEACE compilation the split 7"c with Eu's Arse and various demo tracks from 1982 and 1980 - comes in a Digipack

STINKY RATS Discography CD EUR 11,50 EU '91
many tracks

und hier ist etwas external menace live 1996

eure tante epistrophy

6 Aug 2010



eure tante epistrophy