18 Mar 2014

Bohren & Der Club Of Gore - midnight radio 3LP 2014 RE

demnächst 2014 läuft der vorverkauf der Bohren - midnight radio 3LP RE white label testpressung - eine ankündigung:

"Bohren & der Club Of Gore - Midnight Radio 3LP

White Label Testpressing -  promotional item for midnight radio 2014 RE

as many of you may have heard p&o's compact disc plant has melted away over last year's easter bank holiday - and with it a lot of cd masters and covers - just as other record manufacturing accessoire. 
yet the masters to the 3lp version of bohren's midnight radio album have not been lost -  just because they did not exist by the time the inferno broke out.

so - midnight radio will be released in april 2014 on vinyl for the first time ever - this being due to the increasing popular demand regarding the famous high quality vinyl epistrophy only uses to prepare record collector's heaven for only a little tad for over 20 years now!

eleven original tracks by bohren & der club of gore, recorded in 1995; by the end of 2013 the original tapes have - finally - been carefully restored and mastered in hannover by @raum101, cut on laquer in frankfurt at k.o. and pressed on black vinyl deep down the moors by pallas schallplatten

this special promotional 3LP Edition for Midnight Radio 2014 RE will come in a black standard epistrophy company sleeve hosted in a stickerfree see-through plastic sleeve


EPI 018 A : 1

EPI 018 B : 2/3

EPI 018 C : 4/5

EPI 018 D : 6/7

EPI 018 E : 8/9

EPI 018 F : 10/*11

Estimated shipping date from xx.xx.2014 on

Preorder starting on xx.xx.2014

Coming later

EPI 006 BOHREN & DER CLUB OF GORE / WALD split 7” RE 2014

Release date t.b.a. / Preorder date t.b.a."

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