7 Oct 2009

AUDIO KOLLAPS Split 7" mit DESOLATION hier nun!

die langerwartete split 7" von AUDIO KOLLAPS mit "die harte crew" und "deutsche im dübelwahn" ist jetzt auf Pisstrophy erschienen. etwas "live footage" von 2005 fand ich hier - rainer höllen-krach!
DESOLATION aus Oakland mussten ihre Tour leider absagen, warum?

lest hier den Brief von Dan:

"this whole tour was fucking cursed it was insane... 2 months before we left our bass player told us he couldn't make it so we had someone in Hamburg learning all the bass parts... then 10 days before the tour was supposed to start I get a call that our drummer is in the hospital in Spain having his appendix removed so he won't be able to make the tour... so then we send all the songs to the drummer from Antimaster who was going to meet us in Hamburg to learn the entire set in 3 days... and then a few days after that I get a call from our singer who's fathers cancer returned and he basically had to cancel to stay with him in the hospital for his last days... at this point the tour would have been just me and Will and 3 other people who weren't in Desolation 2 of which would have had basically no time to learn the material... so we just decided to cancel it... jesus christ, what a fucking clusterfuck... "

schade, abver leider momentan nicht zu ändern.

die 7" gibt es auf blauem Vinyl (100) für EUR 4,50 , Clear Vinyl (100) für EUR 4,50 und schwarzem Vinyl (300) für EUR 3,50

bestellungen richtet bitte an: info@epistrophy.de

danke und ein schönes verregnetes Wochenende
eure Tante Epistrophy

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